Parliament approves Mariyam Muna for HRCM

A Meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights and Gender| Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Maldivian Parliament has approved Mariyam Muna for the empty position at the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) with 67 Parliamentarians voting for the decision.

The President’s Office had sent in 3 names to Parliament for the vacant position, however after investigating these names, the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights and Gender stated today that among applicants for the position, considering education and experience, they found Mariyam Muna to be the most suitable candidate.

A report by the committee reveals that Muna has a Masters in Business Administration and has sufficient training in management and related positions in the Maldives and Abroad.

The report also stated previous positions she has served in, these included Member of the Employment Tribunal of Maldives, Permanent Secretary of National Security and the Director of Operations at Police Integrity Commission.

HRCM has also been appointed 3 new members last September.

HRCM has recently decided of HRCM to take action against Dhoonidhoo Police custodial, under the Human Rights Commission Act as the institution failed to improve unsanitary conditions of the drinking and bathing water provided at the custodial. This was followed by a statement by the Maldives Police Service refuting these claims, with police accusing HRCM of “misleading the public”.