Thasleema Usman appointed as new Quality Assurance Commissioner

Newly Appointed Quality Control Commissioner, Thasleema Usman | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Deputy Director General of Health Protection Agency (HPA), Thasleema Usman has been appointed as the new Quality Assurance Commissioner of the health services in the country on Tuesday – the first such Commissioner to be appointed in four years.

Thasleema was appointed to the position by the Civil Service Commission, after being a contender for the title along with two other candidates.

The position of Quality Control Commissioner was formulated under the Health Service Act, which was ratified on 26th August, 2015 and enacted a year later. However, the position was not announced in four years.

The Civil Service Commission announced the vacancy during September of this year, which offers a salary of more than MVR 24,000.

The responsibilities of the Commissioner of Quality Assurance Includes ensuring the quality of health care in the country as well as the formulation of standards in ensuring the protection of patients and health care workers of the country.