Charter flights prepared to send first Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine batch

Covid-19 vaccine
A new type of COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer requires lower temperatures for storage. | Photo: Reuters.

Chicago, United States – The United Airlines are preparing to begin charter flights that will be freighting the first batch of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine which has proven to be 95% effective in their Phase 3 trial.

The effective vaccine is made by the pharmaceutical corporation, Pfizer in collaboration with their German partner BioNTech. The partners submitted their vaccine for regulatory approval a few weeks ago and it is expected to be approved within the second week of December.

On the other hand, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) approved the Pfizers request to allow their Covid-19 vaccine to be flown to the United States in increased quantities of dry ice at minus 70 degrees as the country prepares for mass vaccination.

While the inoculation program is expected to begin in the last week of December, the United Airlines flights have started to prepare their charter flights for freighting the first batch of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine as soon as the Covid-19 vaccine gets approved by regulators.

In addition to this, Pfizer informed that they have made several plans to move the Covid-19 vaccine at minus 70 degrees to different countries and islands via cargo flights and hundreds of truck trips each day. As soon as the US Food and Drug Administration gives Pfizer the authorization for the emergency use of their Covid-19 vaccine, the vaccine will be spread across the world for inoculation.

The White House vaccine chief, Moncef Slaoui stated that the Pfizer vaccine is likely to get approved on December and that they will start giving out the vaccine to first Americans the next day of its approval.

Pfizer said that currently they are aiming to manufacture 50 million doses of their vaccine in 2020 and 1.3 billion in the upcoming year. If the company is successful in doing so, the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic will finally come to an end before the year 2021 starts.

Pfizer and their German partner BioNTech recently claimed that the Covid-19 vaccine they have made has proven to be 95% effective. The latest data revealed by these companies showed that their vaccine has overall proven to be 95% effective and 94% effective for the volunteers who were over the age of 65 – the individuals who have a weaker immune system compared to youngsters and are at the most risk from the virus.

This is a huge success for these companies as most of the vaccines that were made has proven to be considerably less effective among older people.

Along with this vaccine, another vaccine from a biotech company named Moderna had also revealed that they had received an effective result from their latest trial.

According to Moderna, the early analysis of their Phase 3 trial suggested its vaccine was 94.5 percent effective. This is the second vaccine released in the US to have such high effectiveness after the vaccine of Pfizer and BioNTech.