Chairman of MPL resigns

Mohamed Zaki
The Chairman of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), Mohamed Zaki resigns from his position. | Photo via AdduLive

Male’, Maldives – The Chairman of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), Mohamed Zaki resigns from his position days after the company confirmed that corrupt transactions worth over MVR 08 Million took place within the company during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Although the exact reason for his resignation was no revealed to the public, the CEO of MPL, Shahid Ali confirmed today that Zaki had handed his resignation to the company.

However, on November 25, Zaki took on twitter to apologize to the general public for the not being able suspend the suspects who had robbed over MVR 08 Million from the company.

Zaki noted that the four MPL board members had voted against the suspension of these suspects, while the remaining three voted supporting the suspension. However, as the majority of the board members rejected the move, the employees who were suspected to be involved in the corruption activities have still not be suspended from their job.

On the next day, MPL revealed a statement announcing that they had discovered corruption transactions during the Covid-19 lockdown in Male’ area. They noted that the employees who were involved in the corruption have been immediately identified and suspended, pending the outcome of the investigations.

Since then, the matter has also been reported to the Maldives Police Service, the Auditor General Office and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for further investigation.

Cases of corruption are taken very seriously in this company. Any employee found to have been involved in such acts will have the strictest legal actions taken against them.

MPL stated

MPL also stated that the company will be taking immediate actions are being taken to ensure that such occurrences are kept to nil.