No intention to take revenge from any officer: Nasheed

Former President and current Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed speaking with the press. | Photo: One Online.

Male’, Maldives – Former President and current Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed says that he is not intending to take revenge from any police officer by bringing change to the laws regarding Maldives Police Service.

The statement from Nasheed comes after the Member of Maradhoo constituency, Ibrahim Shareef accused that Nasheed is making amendments to the law concerning Police in an attempt to take revenge by making the police institution political.

The new amendments bill that is proposed to the parliament enables more power to the police and Nasheed said that this bill would give chance for the police force to grow further and develop more than it has never before.

In addition to this, Nasheed also said that the new amendment to the bill will allow promotions between the police officers to happen in a more justifying way.

This new bill will clearly state how promotions will be given. The amount of salary each officer should get, or any other help that an officer would receive will also be clearly written in the bill.

Nasheed stated.

Nasheed further stated that the new bill would clarify the officers what they will get or what they will not, what is wrong, and what is right as well. Nasheed noted that the bill would also mention what a police officer needs to do in order to get promotions from their position.

In response to MP Shareef, Nasheed stressed that the new amendment to the bill is not intended for the purpose of taking revenge from any police officers or any other member from police.

This bill is not specifically targeted to take revenge from any police officers or any other police members. Nor is it to argue against or to fight against anyone.

Nasheed stated.

While majority of the MDP members have expressed their concerns saying that they don’t trust the officers over what happened on February 7th of 2012, the Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed assured that overthrowing the government is not something that the current police department would do and that he will give full guarantee of this to the public. 

The presidency of Mohamed Nasheed ended on 7th February 2012 after he resigned following what he describes as efforts from a group including MNDF officers and policemen, to overthrow the government.

Following his resignation, on 8th February 2012, Nasheed took initiative and carried out several protests in the capital city, Male’ as well as other atolls which resulted in a loss of MVR 200 million to the government. Nasheed said that his government was overthrown by an attempted coup conspiring against him.