MNDF aids two stranded Sri Lankan boats

Srilankan boats rescued by MNDF | photo: MNDF

Male’, Maldives – The Coastguard squadron of Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Northern Area has helped two fishing boats of Srilankan that lost their way due to the effects of “cyclone Burevi”.

MNDf said that the two stranded boats were first found by a local boat called “Moosun7” fishing in that area. The incident was reported to MNDF coastguard at around 8:33 am on Thursday, by the crew of Moosun7. The two found boats are “Senedhua” and “je presence way” out of which the first boat had 5 crew members and the second one had 6 crew members.

The crew members of both boats are doing good are currently docked at HDh.Kulhudhufushi port. The two boats were brought in at around 10:45 am this morning by the MNDF Northern Area Coastguard. The following necessary procedures are now being carried out by the relevant government authorities.

The cyclone Burevi, which was the cause of this incident was has been formed near Srilanka is expected to have severe effects and the authorities advise the public to take necessary measures such as informing the Coastguard before sea travel and ensuring that there are life jackets on board. The storm is expected to have some effect on Maldives as well, especially the Northern islands where heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected.