Journalism course to be held in MNU Hithadhoo Campus

Maldives National University (MNU)’s Hithadhoo branch. | Photo: MNU - Hithadhoo Campus.

Addu City, Maldives – Hithadhoo campus of Maldives National University (MNU) has announced applications for an advanced level journalism course to be held in Addu City.

A statement released by MNU revealed that the Hithadhoo Branch of MNU has decided to start a whole new course in the campus.

The new journalism course will be divided into two semesters similarly as the other courses in the campus. It is scheduled to begin in January of the upcoming year. Any individual who is interested in participating in the journalism course is instructed to apply for the course before January 07.

Those who apply for the course must have at least a pass in three subjects from O’level/ A’level or they must be above the age of 18 with studies completed up to at least grade seven. Other than these, if the individual has at least one year of experience in the journalism field, then they can apply for the course.

Those who wish to apply for the course can register themselves through the MNU online portal before 7th of January 2021.