Covid-19: Maldivians to be vaccinated in the first quarter of 2021

Dr. Nazla at the HEOC press conference | Photo: HEOC

Male’, Maldives – The Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) of Maldives revealed that they are hoping to start the Covid-19 vaccination programs in the first quarter of 2021 in Maldives.

Spokesperson of HEOC, Dr. Nazla Rafeeg informed that the agreement presented by “COVAX”, the group created to bring a Covid-19 vaccine to Maldives, to provide enough vaccine for 20% of the Maldivian population has been accepted.

Although what type of vaccine will be brought to Maldives has not been decided yet, Nazla informed that they are working on bringing the vaccine as soon as possible. However, she mentioned that the team is hoping to start the Covid-19 vaccination program during the first quarter of 2021.

While 17% of the Covid-19 vaccine the country will receive through COVAX is planned to give to the citizens above the age of 50 or the Covid-19 patients who are at high risk, the remaining 3% of the Covid-19 vaccines will be given to the people who are indirectly and directly treating the infected patients and to those who are treating the patients at high risk.

HEOC informed that in addition to these people, they will also be focusing on giving the vaccine to frontliners, disabled people, care workers at children’s care centers and nursing homes.

Luckily, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared that all the residents in Maldives will receive the Covid-19 vaccine for free and that no payments are required to get the vaccine.