New record with over 4000 tourist arrivals in a day

Tourists who arrived in Maldives as the 500,000th tourists | Photo: Visit Maldives

Male’, Maldives – The Tourism Ministry of Maldives informs that over 4,000 tourist arrivals were welcomed to Maldives today alone, which is the highest number of tourist arrivals recorded in one day since border reopening.

Tourism Minister Abdulla Mausoom tweeted congratulating the tourism industry for the achievement for surpassing 4567 tourist arrivals in a single day. He also congratulated all those working in the industry for their work and dedication for the industry to recover.

While Maldives records over 100,000 tourist arrivals since border reopening, over 500,000 tourist arrivals have been recorded for the year 2020 and hence, reaching the government’s expected target for the year.

The most number of tourist arrivals are from Russia with over 40,000 tourist arrivals since border reopening. Other countries from which large number of tourist arrivals are recorded includes England, America, UAE, Germany, Ukraine, France, Spain and Brazil. Many new airlines have also started their travels to Maldives includes Air Seychelles, Air Astana and airlines such as British Airways have recommenced flights to Maldives.

After the international borders of Maldives were reopened on July 15th, the Tourism Ministry has been proactively doing various activities and taking measures to promote tourism in the country including promotional events and high safety standards in the tourism sector to prevent spreading of Covid-19 virus in the resorts and other tourist facilities.