Additional 40,000 tourists expected in 2020: Minister Mausoom

Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom | Photo: Tourism Ministry

Male’, Maldives – Tourism Minister of Maldives, Abdulla Mausoom said that Maldives is most likely to welcome additional 40,000 tourists within the remaining 10 days of 2020.

Minister Mausoom stated during the Maldives Marine Expo that as the number of airlines traveling to and from Maldives has increased to 18 airlines at present, experts have said that it is very likely for the number of tourists arrivals to increase as well.

Some of the airlines that have restarted their operations to Maldives include of the British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Air India, Gulf Air and Italian Airline ‘Neos’ as well.

As the country has also been welcoming an average of 4000 tourists over the past months, this is why, Minister Mausoom expressed hope that the country is likely to receive over 40,000 tourists in just the remaining 10 days of 2020.

The country has been recording daily new arrivals almost a day after two since the festive season began. Yesterday itself, a new daily tourist arrival record was made in Maldives by welcoming over 5,555 tourists in just a day. This is a huge improvement from the figures that the country had initially received due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

However, as the number of confirmed cases decreases in Maldives and as the festive season begins, the island nation made multiple new achievements including several new records of daily arrivals, welcoming over 100,000 tourists since border reopening and welcoming over 500,000 tourists in 2020 as well.

After the international borders of Maldives were reopened, the Tourism Ministry has been proactively doing various activities and taking measures to promote tourism in the country including promotional events and high safety standards in the tourism sector to prevent spreading of Covid-19 virus in the resorts and other tourist facilities. 

While the island nation does not require tourist to go through quarantine or testing on arrival, all the tourists are required to complete an online health declaration form given by the country and to also provide a negative PCR test result along with it. The PCR test must be taken at least 96 hours prior to departure.