Police Commissioner visits police academy site in Addu City

Commissioner Of Police, Mohamed Hameed (MC Hameed) during his visit to the Police Training Academy being built in Addu City | Photo: The Times of Addu

Addu City, Maldives – Commissioner of Police of Maldives, Mohamed Hameed visits the Police Training academy currently being constructed in Addu City by the government of India.

On Monday, Commissioner Hameed tweeted saying that he has completed a two day trip to the National College of Policing and Law Enforcement in Addu City.

Commissioner Hameed informed that the purpose of the trip was to inspect on the progress of the ongoing construction work in the site and stated that he is looking forward to the inauguration ceremony of the academy.

While the construction work of the site began in 2017, the Commissioner revealed that they are expecting to open the building as early as in March 2021.

Established in partnership with the Indian government, the police academy consists of modern facilities and resources, user-friendly accommodation blocks, clinics, a training ground and a helipad as well.

The Police Academy is also expected to have a gym that will be able to host 800 people at once and a running track of 400 meters. Along with this, the academy will also have an auditorium that can host 340 people and 8 classrooms that can accommodate maximum 320 officers-in-training.

In addition to these, there will be a separate tennis court, basketball court and a football field specifically made Maldives Police Service to use in training their officers in the academy.

Commissioner Hameed also said that in addition to Police, some government institutes and schools will get the permission to use the facility. The Indian government has provided MVR 42 Million for the construction of this academy.