Maldives will be ruined if MDP wins majority of council: MP Ghassan

Pogressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Vice President and Member of Parliament for Th.Guraidhoo Constituency Mohamed Gh'assan Maumoon | Photo: PSM

Male’, Maldives – Vice President of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Member of Parliament for Th.Guraidhoo Constituency, Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon stated that the whole country will fail if the ruling party, MDP wins majority of the upcoming local council elections.

While speaking at the “Visnaa” event held by the opposition coalition of PPM and People’s National Congress (PNC), Ghassan reminded hundreds of citizens who attended the event that PPM has always worked to develop the island nation.

However, he stated that their are people in the country who are only telling “sweet stories” to manipulate the citizens in order to win the elections. Ghassan stated that the ruling MDP party won the elections held on 2008 , 2018 and 2019 by telling such stories to the citizens.

During the event, he also stated that the each and every person who campaigns by creating slogans that will attract ones heart will not be good to the citizens and that today, citizens are also aware that such a person is not a capable person.

This is why, Ghassan stated that the whole country will fail if MDP wins majority of the upcoming local elections.

Ghassan further reminded that PPM had fulfilled all the vows they made within the five years of presidency and that the proof of this statement can be seen anywhere in the country. He informed that the bridge that connects Male’ and Hulhumale’ and the highway that connects Hulhumale’ and Villamale’ are proofs for the aforementioned statement.

Maldivian citizens must ponder on how he (President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom) achieved all these things.

Ghassan stated.

Ghassan further noted that the citizens need to ponder on to why the Thilamale’ bridge project has still not started even though the Presidential term of Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has almost reached half of its time period.

In addition to this, he also noted that citizens need to think about why there are delays in finishing the Hiyaa flats and why MDP party is working on giving flats to whoever they wish instead of handing out 7,000 of those flats to citizens.

While the local council elections were initially scheduled to be held in April, the date was postponed due to the current Covid-19 pandemic in Maldives to hold on March 6th of 2021.