Election Commission tells to revise Adhaalath Party’s regulations

President of Adhaalath Party, Home Minister, Sheik Imran Abdulla and Vice President of Adhaalath Party, Chief of Staff of the Presidents Office, Ali Zahir | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – President of Elections Commission Ahmed Shareef has stated that the Adhaalath Party (AP) will be told to revise its internal regulations, if it does not allow for women to run for party leader.

Adhaalth Party was registered as a political party in 2010. Its internal regulations state that only males are eligible to run for the party’s leader and deputy leader. The regulation was recently amended to allow for women to run for deputy leader.

Shareef told local news outlet “Sun”, that disqualification of women from running for any of the two positions is against best practice, and will not be condoned by the EC. He also added they the commission would discuss with the political party if an amendment is made in violation of best practice.

In addition to this, Shareef stated that the AP is yet to send its recent amendments to the regulation to Elections Comission and that the commission will instruct the party to make the necessary changes if they find any unacceptable amendments.

When asked wether the EC will instruct the party to change its regulations if it is found to contain provisions disqualifying women from running for party leader and deputy leader, Chairman Shareef said that the commission would instruct for re-amendment.

Candidacy for AP leader and deputy leader is currently open, and will close on January 9. The election are to be held on January 23rd.