MVR 50 million Olympic size swimming pool to be developed in Male’

President of the Swimming Association of Maldives Mohamed Abdu-Sattar | photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Swimming Association has said that several businessemen have agreed to invest MVR 50 million in order to develop an international level pool in Male’ and that the association is currently preparing to commence the work to build the pool in the land granted by the Government.

This pool which is to be finished within a year and a half, is to become the first ever Olympic size pool in Maldives. Till now, swimmers have been using the swimming complex built in Hulhumale’ by HDC. However, due to lack of sufficient lanes and a warm-up pool, this complex has not be usable for most competitions.

Vice President of the Swimming Association Ismail Ali said that they had been working on this project for a long time and that their works were sped up due to the land granted by the government. He added that the work of the pool is expected to start within the next month along with the required permissions from the Planning Ministry and the City Council. He also said that the pool is expected to be usable within the next 18 months.

We requested the previous administration as well, to arrange a land as we have the sufficient funds. When we requested the current President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih during his campaign, he was very interested in the project and finally has granted us the required land.

VP of Swimming Association Ismail Ali

Funds have been arranged for the development of a 50m Olympic poop along with a training pool and an area for the audience. The association aims to further develop the complex with additional funds and also develop ways to obtain additional funds within the complex.

Having an Olympic sized pool is something that has been long dreamed by most professional swimmers as swimming in a pool at a competition after days of practice in salt water affects their performance. Most national swimmers have been practicing in sea water till now. In addition to this, swimmers have been constantly complaining about having to practice in the sea along with lots of rubbish and the public. They have also highlighted that most closing ceremonies of these competitons are being held on the pavement near Ringroad.

Swimming is a sport that many athletes from Maldives take part in, however do not have the necessary resources for their practice. Many people have been calling out to arrange the required facilities for these athletes as they are making huge achievements at international levels as well.