Coup d’état is being attempted in America: Nasheed

Trump supporters outside Capitol in Washington DC. | Photo via Daily Examiner.

Male’, Maldives – Former President and current Speaker of the Parliament of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed has said that the current chaos in the US Capitol is for an impending coup d’état.

In a recent tweet, Speaker Nasheed said that the appalling spectacle at the US Capitol right now, is nothing less than an attempted coup d’état. He also added that as someone who has already been through one, he knows exactly what a coup looks like. In addition to this, Nasheed noted that it’ss not just the US democracy, but democratic freedoms and norms around the world that are currently under attack.

A recent speech of President Trump to never accept defeat has caused hundreds of his supporters to storm in the U.S. Capitol causing chaos in the area in hopes of overturning the elections that Trump lost. In the chaos, one women has been shot and killed by a Capitol Police. Dozens of rioters entered the building either through the windows or the doors and has vandalized several offices and smashed the windows of Capitol.

While the Trump supporters were breaching the laws and using violence, Trump made little effort to quell the violence he had helped instigate. He shared a video in which he told his supporters to “Go home”, “We love you,” “You’re very special,” while continuing to promote the falsehood that he won the elections. While a citywide curfew has now been activated where everyone is instructed to stay inside from 6 p.m, all 1,100 members of the D.C. National Guard have been activated to try and control the current chaos in the US Capitol.