150Kg drug case tossed out of court

Suspects arrested in connection to Hulhuvaarulu drug bust | Photo: Maldives Police Service

GDh. Gadhdhoo, Maldives – GDh. Gadhdhoo court has tossed out the 150Kg drug case stating that the case was not sent to the court during the stipulated period to be tried.

The state had pressed charges on five individuals after the police seized over 149Kg of drugs buried in an uninhabited island called Hulhuvaarulu in GDh. Atoll in 2019. Four were charged with trafficking diamorphine, while one was charged as an accomplice to trafficking diamorphine. These individuals are;

  • Ahmed Aneel, 34, Gahaakoalhi, G. A. Kondey
  • Ahmed Haameem, 42, Edhuruge, G. Dh. Gadhdhoo
  • Shafeez Mohamed, 35, Romance, G. A. Kondey
  • Yamih Hameed, 23, Edhuruge, G. Dh. Gadhdhoo
  • Ali Shakir, 30, Dhikhshan Villa, G. A. Nilandhoo

Prosecutor General’s Office had initially filed the charges against the five suspects with the Criminal Court but the case was dismissed from the court during pretrial hearings citing the charges need to be filed with a court in the region where the crime took place.

Gadhdhoo Court had also stated that unless PGO finds a remedy to appeal the case at High Court, then this case cannot be filed at the court again as the case had been dismissed from the Criminal Court previously.

The drugs found in Hulhuvaarulu include opiates and cannabis. The opiates weighed 96.36 kilos and the cannabis weighed 47.27 without the packing. The street value of the drugs is estimated to be above MVR 260 million.