Candidacy of PPM candidate terminated by EC

local council
A woman casts her ballot at the Local Council Election 2017 | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – The Elections Commission of Maldives (EC) has terminated the candidacy of a PPM candidate in the upcoming local council elections due to failure to meet the criteria and requirements for candidacy.

The letter sent to the candidate by Elections, terminating his candidacy stated that a magistrate court in the Maldives had determined that he did not meet the requirements for the candidacy in the election.

The disqualified candidate is Hassan Moosa who was contesting for the Th. Kandoodhoo Council presidency. The Magistrate Court of F. Billehdhdhoo had ruled that Moosa did not meet the requirements.

The EC also stated that documents obtained by the Commission showed that Moosa did not meet the requirements. His candidacy was effectively terminated by the EC which cited Article 65 of the Electoral Regulations which gave the Commission the power to do so.

Hassan Moosa was contesting in the election on the ticket of the opposing PPM party. Due to his disqualification, the candidate contesting in the election from the governing party MDP will be automatically elected to the post. No other candidate is contesting in the election for the council president of the constituency.