AgroNat opens contract farming opportunities to 11 more regions

Maldivian farmer tending to crops | Photo: UNDP Maldives

Male, Maldives – The National Corporation for Agriculture- AgroNat has tweeted that they have opened contract farming opportunities to 11 more regions.

The new regions are, F. Magoodhoo, Sh. Goidhoo, Sh. Narudhoo, B. Maalhos, R. Vaadhoo, R. Fainu, N. Manadhoo, GA. Nilandhoo, GA. Gemanafushi, Gn. Fuvahmulah, and S. Meedhoo

AgroNat MD Haroon Rasheed has previously said in an interview to “Sun” that their new contract farming intitally began in L. Atoll on 18 December 2021. He said that around 60 farmers in 8 islands of L. Atoll have signed the contract, with even more still applying.

The project aims to provide farmers with essential farming equipment, below market price without any payment upfront. AgroNat will provide the farmers with a list of equipment, which they can select and pay for within two years. Repayment will be in the form of deductions as AgroNat purchases produce from the farmers, according to MD Haroon.

The main aim of this project is to develop farming and to facilitate produce reaching the markets.