Himmafushi council working towards a solution for the sandbank dispute

Trench dug in sandbank between Gili Lankanfushi Resort and K. Himmafushi by the luxury resort staffs to deliberately destroy the sandbank allegedly because locals from Himmafushi island were utilizing it for recreation and leisure | Photo: EPA

Himmafushi, Maldives – K. Himmafushi local council has arranged a meeting with Gili Lankanfushi resort and the Tourism Ministry to find a solution for the escalating sandbank situation, where the alleged Gili Lankanfushi staff dug a trench across a sandbank and were stopped in the process by Himmafushi locals.

The President of Himmafushi Council, Shaan Ibrahim, states that he has met with officials from Tourism Ministry today.

The situation has escalated to this point because of the lack of a relationship between the resort and the island. We want to address issues on both sides and come to a solution.

Shaan Ibrahim

Authories withheld the passport of Gili Lankanfushi General Manager David Stepetic on Sunday.

The Environment Ministry and EPA Maldives are investigating the matter of the sandbank destruction and have promised to take action against the responsible parties.

The matter has led to immense public scrutiny and calls for action against Gili Lankanfushi management, questioning the current administration’s stance on environmental protection.