Over MVR 98 million distributed as frontline allowance

Image of front liners in a drill conducted in Male' city Photo: V News

Malé, Maldives — The Ministry of Finance revealed that they have distributed over MVR 98 million as allowances to the workers that are serving on the frontline of Maldives’ COVID-19 response.

The statistics revealed by the Finance Ministry shows that till January 24, 2021, the Ministry has disturbed approximately MVR 98.56 million as allowance to 10,843 frontliners in the country.

There are three categories the frontliners are divided into based on specific risk levels, according to Saruvash.

First category is for those who are at the highest risk of infection. Those who are in this category are the individuals who come into direct contact with infected Covid-patients, such as doctors, nurses, sample collectors, laboratory technicians, those who operate the vehicles in which positive and suspected individuals are transferred and also those who enter Covid-19 treatment facilities. Those who work in this category are handed out an allowance of MVR 500 for every working day.

After this are the medium risk frontliners in the second category. These include of those who have to work with high-risk individuals although they do not come into direct contact with COVID-19 patients. These people will receive a daily allowance of MVR 250 for every working day.

The frontliners who do not fit into any of these categories but work in the now-defunct National Emergency Operation Centre for over six hours a day received an allowance of MVR 200.

While the allowance are supposed to be given to the frontliners since the first day Covid-19 was found in Maldives and to all of them who worked as frontliners to serve the country, the Ministry had failed to provide allowance to everyone at first. However, the Ministry rectified their mistake and has been issuing allowances to frontline workers since May 2020.