Top tourist markets outperforming January 2020 records this year!

Tourist in Velana International Airport of Maldives. | Photo: MACL

Male’, Maldives – Highlighting the impressive number of tourist arrivals into the Maldives, the country’s Tourism Minister has revealed that many markets contributing to the tourism industry are performing very well and breaking arrival records of January 2020.

In a tweet sent out by the Minister on Saturday evening, Dr. Abdullah Mausoom also appreciated the “united input of ALL towards tourism recovery” and thanked everyone involved.

As per the figures updated by the Ministry on Saturday, so far, the highest performing market is Russia, with 17,870 visitors, while India follows second with 16,155 arrivals in to the country. Ukraine comes in third with 6,263 tourists. Other top markets include Kazakhstan, Romania, France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA and Switzerland.

With this, the total arrival figures have reached 83,975, which comes highly celebrated as Maldives moves closer to reaching its target to welcome at least 1.5 million tourists this year.

With the escalating number of tourist arrivals, the country is also increasing its bed capacity to meet the ever growing demand for what many describe as paradise on Earth.

The latest official figures show that currently there are a total of 41,780 operational tourist beds in the country, which include beds from 140 different resorts – all which were granted approval conditioned that all health safety and precautionary measures are met as per the set standards by Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Currently, there are only few restrictions for visitors entering the country, with just the requirement to produce a negative PCR test administered 96 hours prior to departure. However, authorities have made it mandatory for any one arriving from the UK to undergo a 10 day quarantine period, subject to a PCR test, given the current spread of a new Covid-19 variant in the region.