COVID-19 Vaccine: Action to be taken against disinformation

Maldives Broadcasting Commission advises to avoid fake news re Covid-19 vaccine | Photo: BBC, Getty Images

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Broadcasting Commission has promised to take action against any news media or journalists spreading fake news and disinformation against Covid-19 vaccines. The commission advises the media to refrain from spreading news which would incite public fear and practice journalistic integrity in all works.

Maldives launched the Dhifaau campaign, a nation wide vaccination drive, yesterday starting off with frontline workers and social care workers, individuals in the high-risk or the elderly. Some of the top-government officials will also be receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, including the President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed and Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan. As of today 282 people have been vaccinated in the country.

With public interest increasing in the vaccine, the Broadcasting Commission advised the media to verify information from the authorities, counsel with healthcare professionals, and avoid fear mongering.

The Commission warned that they will be monitoring all Covid-19 vaccine related news and will take action against media in accordance with the Broadcast Code of Practice.