400 housing units in islands, 8,000 units in Malé area will be developed: President Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih giving the presidential address to the nation on the first parliamentary sitting of 2021 | Photo: Presidents Office

Malé, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced that a total of 400 housing units in total in four islands and 8,000 units in Malé area would be developed this year.

While delivering the presidential address to the nation today during the first sitting of parliament for this year, President Solih told that the government considers the housing crisis in Male’ and some of the islands as an urgent matter and that the government was working on finding an expeditious solution to the issue.

Detailing the governments swift solution to the housing issue, President Solih told that 2,000 affordable-range housing units in Hulhumale’ have been contracted this week and that the construction work of the housing units in Hulhumale’ will begin in May 2021. President Solih also stated that these housing units will be more spacious and more affordable compared to the units previously built under the same category.

In addition to these units, President Solih stated that the construction of at least 5,000 units in total will begin in the Male’ area before the end of this year and that the government was working on formulating plans to provide housing for people from Male’.

President Solih also added that 100 housing units will be built in Lh. Naifaru, B. Thulhaadhoo, Th. Thimarafushi and M. Kolhufushi. President Solih further detailed that the construction work on housing units in Lh. Naifaru, B. Thulhaadhoo and Th. Thimarafushi is going smoothly and that the government was preparing to convene a project to build housing units in M. Kolhufushi.