Maldives requests to include Addu Airport development project under Indian Line of Credit

Aerial view of Gan International Airport | Photo: Hotelier Maldives

Male’, Maldives – The Maldivian government has requested to include the development of Gan International Airport, located in Addu, among the projects listed under the line of credit extended by the Indian government to the Maldives.

According to a press brief released today, following a high level virtual meeting to review the India-Maldives line of credit on Wednesday, it was revealed that after the request was made, procedures to include this project under the line of credit are currently under way.

Apart from this, it was also highlighted that work relating to the ‘Addu City Development Project’, which involved the development of roads and reclamation is now at an advanced state of tendering, pending the awarding of contract, following evaluations of the bids received. It is expected that the contract for road development in the city could be awarded as soon as by the end of February, while reclamation work is set to be launched within the next two weeks, by the Ministry of Finance.

At present, both countries are executing a total of nine projects, mainly under in the connectivity and infrastructure domain, worth USD 1,240 million, under three different lines of credit extended to the Maldives. Out of this, five projects are at the tendering state with the Ministry of Finance, with contracts of these projects expected to be awarded within the next six months. Among the projects are, establishing water supply and sewerage systems across 34 different islands of the country, development of an international cricket stadium in Hulhumalé, development of a port in Gulhifalhu, as well as the Greater Malé connectivity project, along with the relocation of the cancer hospital from Hulhumalé to Laamu Atoll and the redevelopment of Hanimaadhoo International Airport.

The meeting was attended by senior officials from the President’s Office, Maldives High Commission in India, the newly-constituted Project Management Unit as well as by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Economic Development, National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure and Health. India was was represented by officials from the Ministry of External Affairs, High Commission of India in Maldives and EXIM Bank of India.