Opposition continues to protest in Malé City

Supporters of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom during their protest at sea | Photo: Ahmed Avshan Ilyas

Malé, Maldives – Opposition protesters have taken to the roads again and protested in Malé today, calling out to free Former President Abdullah Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom who is currently serving a 5 year sentence after being convicted of money laundering.

The opposition recently decided to keep protesting and take action following the decision of the High Court, to uphold the Criminal Court’s decision to let Former President Yameen continue his sentence. While a small number of number of people are taking part in these protests, the participants are constantly calling out to free Former President Yameen and to stop torturing him. In addition to this, some protesters are calling out to arrest President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as well.

Former President Yameen was sentenced to five years in jail and was imposed a fine of five million dollars on 28 November 2019, after he was found guilty of transferring USD 1,000,000 to his personal account which was supposed to be received by the state as equisition cost of GA.Vodamula included in the MMPRC corruption case. This case was later appealed to the High Court which also upheld the decision of the Criminal Court.

In addition to this, two additional charges have been raised against the Former President, the hearing of which is currently being carried out at the Criminal Court. He is accused of money laundering and of accepting bribery, these charges were raised against him in the case of R.Fuggiri.