GDh. Thinadhoo Council Pres. Amjad also holds ASC responsible for Aviation cluster

President of G.Dh. Thinadhoo council, Ali Amjad. | Photo: Thinadhoo Council

GDH. Atoll, Maldives — The President of GDh. Thinadhoo council, Ali Amjad has said that the statement released by the Aviation Security Command (ASC) regarding the growing cluster in Addu City is an absolute lie.

On February 6, the ASC released a statement saying that the Command is deeply saddened to hear false accusations that the raising cluster in Addu City is due to an employee of ASC who came to Addu City via special permit. The statement from ASC came after the Mayor Sodiq revealed that the two positive cases identified from Hithadhoo today were contacts of a team who arrived from Male’ for an Aviation Security Command training.

Council President Amjad shared his opinion on Facebook and stated that the statement released by the Aviation is an absolute lie and that Mayor Sodiq did not spread false accusation when he said that the employee of ASC who went for training to Addu City did not present a negative Covid-19 test before entering the city.

With this, Councilor Amjad stated that there was an active Covid-19 case present in the individual’s house when he flew to Addu.

While Councilor Amjad and Mayor Sodiq states that the individuals who went to the training program of ASC did not present a negative test, ASC stressed that the Mayor was spreading false accusations as their employees were brought to this training by adhering to the guidelines given by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) after a negative PCR test was presented.

Over the past few days, two major clusters have developed in Addu City of which one cluster case was due to the Aviation training program that was held by ASC. The Aviation cluster that was found two days ago has resulted in 22 active Covid-19 cases in the joint islands in Addu City (Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, Maradhoofeydhoo & Feydhoo) with 100 primary contacts traced so far.

In addition to this, it has been confirmed that an individual, who traveled from Addu to Thinadhoo has tested positive for Covid-19 and that they were a close contact of the two individuals who tested positive for Covid-19 in Hithadhoo. Along with this, the authorities suspect that GDh. Hoadedhdhoo is at risk as well according to local news.

The first two cases of the Hithadhoo Cluster were identified from Hithadhoo on Saturday. They were contacts of a team who arrived from Male’ for an Aviation Security Command training in Addu City. Mayor Sodiq informed that several staff of Gan International Airport partook in the training. Following this, contact tracing has been initiated for all participants.