Maldives to pioneer Vaccine Tourism

A resort in Maldives | Photo: eHotelier

Maldives – Tourism Minister Dr Abdulla Mausoom says that Maldives will introduce the concept of vaccine tourism where tourists can get vaccinated in the Maldives itself.

In his speech at the parliament of Maldives, Minister Mausoom expressed the plan for a 3 V campaign which stands for of Visit, Vaccinate and Vacation. Tourists are expected to vacation for three to four weeks in the Maldives and receive two complete doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

This campaign is part of the efforts to make the Maldives a safer destination for tourists.

The inoculation program in the Maldives began on the 1st of February with the launch of the nationwide Covid-19 “Dhifaau” vaccine campaign.

The Maldives vaccine priority list includes, frontline workers and social care workers, individuals in the high-risk and the elderly category, followed by tourism industry frontliners.

The Minister of Tourism of Maldives, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom informed earlier of the government has decision to vaccinate 5,000 frontliners in the tourism industry of the Maldives.

The Covid-19 vaccination for tourism frontliners is underway with not only luxury resort workers but also budget tourism sector, live aboard employees and various other sectors of the tourism industry receiving their jabs in order to provide a broader coverage among the industry.

Maldives has successfully managed to maintain the Covid-19 tourist Covid-19 positivity rate below 0.09 perfect for the months of December 2020 and Jan 2021 consecutively, making the small island nation one of the safest destinations in the country. The 3 V campaign is expected to provide additional safety for the tourists and tourism industry in the Maldives.

The country received over 100,000 visitors in 2021 to date and the Maldives is working with UNWTO and other destinations to revolutionize the tourism industry with vaccine certified tourism.