Covid-19 Dhifaau: 1,513 people vaccinated in Addu City

Vaccination handover to Addu Equatorial Hospital | Photo: Facebook - Ihthisham Najeeb

Addu City, Maldives – Addu Emergency Operations Center has announced that 1,513 people from Addu City have been vaccinated until today.

Speaking at the Addu Emergency Operation Centre Press conference going on now, Dr Adhsar informed that Since February 1, 2021 until today 1,513 people from all the districts of Addu City had been vaccinated.

Addu City mayor, Abdulla Sodiq had previously told at a press conference that government would fairly distribute vaccines to everyone in Maldives and that Addu City would not be left out. Mayor stated that Addu City would get their “fair share” of Covid-19 vaccine and that people should not be concerned of any shortages.

Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH) also informed that more than 650 people have been vaccinated in Addu until February 11, 2021. According to AEH, all the staffs working at Addu International Airport have all been tested and in addition to this AEH would also carry out random sampling within the hospital and the joined islands during the upcoming weeks. 

Covid-19 vaccination began in Addu City on the February 1, 2021 as the Maldives launched the Dhifaau campaign, a nation wide vaccination drive starting off with frontline workers and social care workers, individuals in the high-risk or the elderly. 

Vaccination is currently ongoing in various parts of the country, which include six vaccination centers in Malé, and four within the atolls. The vaccine currently being administered in Maldives is the Covishield vaccine, manufactured by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with Oxford University, mass produced by the Serum Institute of India.