Day 3 of missing tourist search – 138,000sqm covered

MNDF divers in search of missing tourist. | Photo: MNDF

R. Maamunagau, Maldives – MNDF search for missing tourist is still ongoing with the force having searched a total of 138,000sqm over the past two days.

MNDF informed that MNDF CG, resort divers have searched 138,000sqm in search of the female tourist who went missing on February 13 when she went for snorkeling alone at the InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort.

Along with this MNDF informed that the MNDF CG “Kaamiyaab” and harbour craft has also covered the surface areas of 54sqnm and have still not found any sign of the missing tourist.

On February 14th, the MNDF had also deployed air support to search for the missing tourist.

According to MNDF, they received information of a missing female diver at approximately 2058hrs on February 13. MNDF detailed that the missing tourist is a 37-year-old Canadian who was wearing a red outfit when she went for snorkeling alone.