MPL worker dies of injuries from turf roll accident

Malé harbour | Photo: The Press

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) worker who suffered serious injuries after a turf carpet roll fell on the employee, while on duty, has passed away while receiving treatment for the injuries at India.

An MPL official stated to local media “Sun” that the accident happened on February 4, as the workers were attempting to load the turf rolls on to a pick up with a crane. The official said that one of the carpet rolls fell as they were being lifted by the crane. The roll fell onto a porter who suffered serious injuries. The porter was taken to the IGMH hospital for treatment.

It was later revealed that the porter who suffered great injuries was a 28-year-old Maldivian named Imran Ali from HDh. Nolhivaran. As the condition of Imran was still serious after being treated at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of IGMH, he was later sent to India for further treatment.

Sources have informed that the worker of MINA investment, Imran passed away last night while receiving care for his injuries at a hospital in India.

Following the incident, MPL said that their Accident and Investigations Committee has suspended all the workers involved in MINA investment and that certain task until the investigation of the matter is complete.

MPL stated that this issue will be taken seriously and actions will be taken against the one responsible for this incident. MPL also stated that they are working on making the Male’ port safer for the citizens.

The incident comes after another ports worker passed away last month after a glass sheet pallet fell onto him during work. MPL had stated that the accident took place as workers attempted to lift a glass pallet from a container using a forklift. The pallet tipped, trapping two workers underneath. IGMH confirmed that the worker passed away at 05:40am on January 16.