Legal action cannot be taken for protesting: Former Chief Justice

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Didi | photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Former Chief Justice of the Maldives Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Didi said that legal action cannot be taken against the opposition for protesting, replying to statements from Maldives Police Service saying that protests are not allowed.

Head of Malé City Police, Chief Superintendent of Police Abdullah Shareef at last night’s Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) press conference, said that legal action would be taken against any further protests in the capital city. He added that the opposition has bee advised against these protests multiple times and that further protests would be considered as an obstruction to justice.

Replying to these statements from the police, Dr. Didi tweeted saying that a criminal offence cannot raised against section 59(A) of the constitution, for something that that has not been mentioned in the law assuming the penal code is their toy. He added that protesting is not a criminal offence, but rather a basic right.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has implemented multiple measures in the capital city Malé, following a surge of Covid-19 cases. This includes banning gatherings consisting if more than 10 people. However the opposition has continued hold multiple protests, violating the guidelines.