Government trying hard to reopen Shangri-la & Canareef: Nizar

Former MP and MDP candidate for Addu City mayor, Ali Nizar | Photo: adduLIVE

Addu City, Maldives – The MDP candidate for Addu City Mayor in the coming local council elections, Ali Nizar said that the government is trying hard to reopen that two resorts in Addu City, Shangri-la and Canareef, which are currently closed.

Nizar made the remarks while speaking at the MDP gathering held last night to relaunch the “Rahvehi Fathis” campaign for the upcoming local council elections. He said that the closure of these two resorts resulting in over 500 citizens losing their jobs is a reality that has to be accepted and the government is making efforts to reopen these two resorts, which will be successful.

In addition to this, speaking at the gathering, Nizar said that Addu Citizens keep on voting for MDP as the development of the city is connected with MDP. He said that the government has started development projects worth USD 400 million in Addu City.

While noting that Addu is a city with lots of opportunities for development, he said that there a many plans for the betterment of the city’s development. He added that if a MDP council is elected this time, they will ensure that a proper economy is established and more job opportunities are available.

Further speaking, Nizar noted that drug addiction is a big problem faced by the youth if Addu City today and that a new council will ensure that a solution this is found. He added that while Addu is aiming to develop the tourism industry, the environment needs to be better taken of to ensure the beauty of Addu for tourism.