No confidence motion against Minister Maleeh on tomorrow’s agenda

Minister of Communication Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – The no confidence motion submitted at the Parliament against the Minister of Communication, Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal has been put on tomorrow’s agenda for parliament meeting.

The Parliament has informed that a duration of two hours will be given to debate regarding the no confidence motion submitted at the Parliament, out of which, Minister Maleeh will get 30 minutes to justify himself.

The motion was submitted by the Parliamentary Group leader of MDP Ali Azim. The Parliamentary Group (PG) of the leading governing coalition party, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) voted in favor of moving forward with a no confidence vote against Minister Maleeh with 14 members signing the motion.

The no confidence motion matter forwarded to the PG group with the signatures of ten members read that with the two years that Minister Maleeh has been in office, he has failed to formulate any of the policies mandated in the Telecommunications Act, to be followed by the offices which fall under the Ministry.

It also read that, while the said policies are vital in regulating the telecom industry of the country, each passing day without the policies would result in insurmountable damage caused to the state as well as the public.

Further, it was highlighted that Minister Maleeh extended no assistance to the political appointees and other employees of the Ministry in formulating these policies and that it is evident that the Ministry clearly hindered the process as well.

After the parliament announced that no confidence motion against Minister Maleeh has been put on agenda, he tweeted saying that the constitution of the heritage of Maldives has been made an asset and that the punishments to be given under false accusations will be disregarded.

Justice will always find its way ahead of injustice.

Minister Maleeh

The no confidence vote against the Minister also comes following his comments aimed at the PG group of MDP, in which he said that the Parliament members cannot dictate how the government should do it’s job and that no such policy can also be formulated.

Since then many pro government MPs have criticized Maleeh on various social media platforms.