Racing track essential to reduce road accidents: Minister Mahloof

Minister Mahloof with Jorge Lorenzo at today's event | Photo: Ahmed Mahloof Twitter

Malé, Maldives – Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof said a racing track or a regulation under which youngsters can race must be established to decrease the number of road accidents due to such activities.

Minister Mahloof made the statement while talking to media personnel after a small function in which world famous cycle racing legend George Lorenzo met the racing community of Maldives. Lorenzo is currently in Maldives on vacation.

Minister said that different avenues are being explored to develop racing in Maldives, however a solution has not yet been found. He noted that the establishment of a specialised racing track will aid in decreasing the number of road accidents due to speeding.

He said that individuals interested in racing currently take to the roads to carry our such activities which leads to dangerous road accidents. The Minister added that providing a proper facility for purpose will help identify speedsters and those who have an interest for racing.

Furthermore, Minister Mahloof said that the opportunity was provided in Hulhumalé on certain days and they are currently trying to give opportunity for such events in phase 2 of Hulhumalé along with HDC and racing associations. He noted that efforts are underway to host a car race in Maldives along with racers from Srilanka and the Srilankan Sports Ministry.

Minister Mahloof also said that although a separate racing track is not being built during the development of Gulheefalhu, he has presented to the cabinet to develop roads in Gulheefalhu such that they are appropriate for racing, to which the cabinet gave a positive response to the idea.

Replying to a question from media outlet “V News”, Yoosuf Mazin from the racing community said that the opportunity being presented to them while there are no special locations for racing, is something that greatly pleases them. Mazin added that the racing community has been making use of such opportunities to develop the activity.