BREAKING: HPA investigates death of Covid-19 vaccine recipient

Malé, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has revealed that a 45 year old male who received the Covid-19 vaccine in the Maldives has passed away today.

It was detailed that the individual, who is originally from AA. Maalhos was on a fishing vessel and was brought unresponsive to the Himmafushi Health Center, where he passed away at 09:13 on Tuesday morning.

It was further added that the individual received the Covishield vaccine – which is the only vaccine approved against Covid-19 in the Maldives as of yet – on 8th March, in AA. Maalhos and that as per protocol, a full investigation is being carried out to confirm the cause of death.

HPA also highlighted that it is important to note that serious events such as death can occur unrelated to the vaccine as well.

This is the third reported death of a Covid-19 vaccine recipient, out of which, the first two individuals were a married couple in their elderly years.