Home Minister Imran meets with Justice Minister of Japan

During Home Minister Imran Abdullah and Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed's Meeting with the Justice Minister of Japan Yōko Kamikawa | Photo: Mohamed Hameed

Kyoto, Japan – The Minister of Home Affairs of Maldives Imran Abdullah, along with the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, has met with the Justice Minister of Japa, Yoko Kamikawa.

The meeting, which was also attended by the Executive Director of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, was held during the ongoing UN Crime Congress in Kyoto Japan, during which, discussions were initiated regarding enhanced cooperation on the reduction of reoffending.

Revealing further details in a tweet sent out by the CP Hameed, it was stated that the discussions also focused on capacity building towards reducing maritime crime, terrorism as well as towards juvenile justice. Prison reform, technical assistance on developing a national drugs strategy and crime prevention were also among the areas of discussion.

It was also highlighted that the progress made by the Maldives in counter terrorism and counter narcotics was noted during the meeting.

The United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice is the world’s largest and most diverse gathering of policy-makers, practitioners, academia, intergovernmental organizations and civil society in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice. The Congresses have been held every five years since 1955 in different parts of the world, dealing with a vast array of topics.