Parliamentary Judiciary Committee assigned with ‘big task’ concerning detainees

Speaker of the Parliament of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – The Parliament has assigned the Judiciary Committee of the Parliament, with what was described as a ‘big task’, concerning all detainees in the country currently serving their sentences.

Commencing the Parliamentary sitting today, Speaker Nasheed revealed that the parliament receives a lot of letters from the public, of which, most letters come from those who are serving sentences in the Maldives.

In context, he stated that although the Parliamentary Judiciary Committee passed a report which includes recommendations regarding the issue reviewed by the committee with regards to delays in responding to requests sent by detainees to reduce their sentences, its implementation is yet to be seen.

As such, Nasheed pointed out the requirement for the Judiciary committee to carry out an extensive research into all those who have been imprisoned in the Maldives, and to determine their background, their crime, what sentences they have been handed and when they have requested for reduced sentences as well as whether the requested pardon is possible within legal bounds.

He then stated that the Judiciary Committee must review the matter in detail and advice the government with the best possible course of action.

The Judiciary Committee of the Maldivian Parliament consists of 11 Parliament Members, of which MP of North Maafannu constituency, Imthiyaz Fahumee presides as Chair, along with MP of Fonadhoo constituency, Moosa Siraj as Vice Chair