Amendment proposed to allocate seats for women at Civil Service Commission

Velaanaage, government office complex located in Malé | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – An amendment had been proposed at the Maldives Parliament to allocate minimum two seats for women for the Civil Services Commission.

This amendment was proposed by MP of Addu City, Meedhoo Constituency, Rozaina Adam. MP Rozaina who is also the Chair of Committee on Independent Institutions proposed this amendment to the Civil Services Act aiming to place at least two women on the civil service commission which has five members. The amendment however, takes into consideration the existing members and allows them to finish their terms.

The existing civil service act does not specify the gender of the members, and even without the amendment there are two members, the President of the Civil Services Commission Fathmath Ameera and member Fathmath Shareef.

The amendment also changes the way members are allocated for the Civil Services Commission. At present, the Parliament announces application for membership who then investigates the applications and recommends to the President, who has the power to make the final decision.

Through the new amendment, it is the other way round with the President sending names no more than three extra names to the number required to the Parliament to choose.

The amendment will be implemented once the parliament passes the bill and the President signs off and the bill is gazetted.