All islands will have ambulance by June: Health Minister Naseem

Minister of Health of Maldives Ahmed Naseem | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives —The Health Minister of Maldives, Ahmed Naseem has informed at the parliament that by June of this year, all islands in Maldives will have a separate ambulance for services.

The statement from Minister Naseem comes after he was called to the Parliament on the request of the Member of Constituency of Makunudhoo, Mohamed Raai stating that ambulances have not arrived to the island of Makunudhoo even after saying twice that ambulances will be sent.

When Minister Naseem was questioned about the rules regarding sending ambulances to the islands of Maldives, he responded by saying that ambulances could not be sent to the small islands in Maldives at the most acceptable rate.

Minister Naseem stated that majority of the times, the Ministry fails to consider the small islands as much as it should be taken care of, however, he stated that this time, top priority will be given to Makunudhoo in the upcoming Ambulance Program.

We often tend to not pay enough attention to the smaller islands. We are now paying special attention to small islands and not excluding them. Makunudhoo will be at the top of the list for ambulances we receive this shipment.

Minister Naseem stated.

According to Minister Naseem, the earliest time for the ambulances to arrive is around the upcoming month, April. While noting that the Ministry has planned to bring enough ambulances for all the islands of Maldives, with the help of the ambulances that will be brought to Maldives under the aid given from the Japanese government.

Minister Naseem concluded by saying that he foresees all islands of Maldives to have ambulances by June of this year.