Protestors arrested for alleged attack on Police released

Protest held by the opposition coalition | Photo: Twitter

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Police Service (MPS) has revealed that two of the alleged attackers of the police who were arrested in the opposition coalition’s protest on the 19th of this month, have been released after a fine.

25 people were arrested last Friday at the opposition protest against the enslavement of Maldives. While all 25 of them were fined, 23 were released yesterday.

The Progressive Congress Coalition’s series of rallies that were held against several HPA guidelines, have resulted in the arrest of many protesters. Police had given a warning that they would stop the protests and had cordoned of all roads leading to the opposition’s main office.

While most protesters do wear masks, social distancing is not practiced, causing public concern as the Covid-19 cases in Malé are increasingly high. The opposition however, has accused the police of unfair treatment between political parties.