Maleeh threw baseless accusations: Parliament

Former Minister of Communications, Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamal | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Parliament Committee on Member’s Privileges and Ethics has decided to send an advisory letter to Former Communications Minister Maleeh Jamal, due to his baseless accusations at the parliament.

Maleeh was summoned to the committee for making false statements at the Parliament, while facing a no confidence vote against him. Maleeh had said that Former Gender Minister Shidhaatha Shareef resigned from her position due to blackmail from the parliament.

In the committee meeting to address this, Maleeh stated that no one has a right to question him based on what he had said on the parliament floor. Some committee members had asked repeatedly for Maleeh to answer the questions, which he refused to.

The committee has therefore decided that his accusations were baseless and to send an advisory letter.

Maleeh is no longer a Minister. If he was still holding a cabinet position and said unlawful [statements] or statements that undermine the sanctity of the parliament then we would continue the inquiry. However, it is no longer important to probe this issue any further.

Adam Shareef, MP of Maduvvari Constituency

All the members of the Ethics Committee present unanimously voted that investigation into this matter is unimportant.