Addu people will not be an obstacle for Huvadhoo development: Nizar

Former MP of Hithadhoo south constituency and current mayoral candidate, Ali Nizar | Photo: Rajje TV

Addu City, Maldives – Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate for Addu City mayor, Ali Nizar has said that Addu people will not be an obstacle for the development of Huvadhoo Atoll.

The former MP of Hithadhoo south constituency and current mayoral candidate Nizar said this last night while speaking on the ‘Ahafele’ program conducted by local media outlet ‘adduLIVE’ when asked about his opinion on the development of the Huvadhoo International Airport and Thinadhoo Port.

Nizar also stated that while no one from Addu will be an obstacle for Huvadhoo atolls development, it was important for the government to factor in the economical efficiency of having two international airports so near to each other. He also added that it would have been more practical and cost effective for the government to have developed Addu International Airport in Gan, Addu City and have a way to carry tourists to Huvadhoo atoll from Gan.

He also stated that these are not projects which are to be carried out just for the sake of politics and the economical benefits of such large scale projects should be considered as the government is spending millions in development of these infrastructures.

It’s been 20 years since Hithadhoo port was opened and it has always run in loss. Gan airport is the same. But government needs to spend on these places to keep them afloat. While these facilities are in these situation, to build another international airport in Fuvahmulah, another in Huvadhoo and just keeping these places is not ideal. These are not things which should be done for the sake of politics

Former MP of Hithadhoo south constituency and current mayoral candidate, Ali Nizar

Nizar added that even if an international airport is built in Huvadhoo, if the government and council can pull of the development of the 8,000 tourist beds in Addu City as pledged by MDP during their presidential campaign, that Addu City airport can be operated without having to depend on another atoll or city.

While the island on which the Huvadhoo International Airport would be built has not been announced, there are currently three domestic airports in Huvadhoo atoll alone. With Kooddoo Airport, Kaadehdhoo Airport and Maavarulu Airport in operation, the atolls tourism has been booming.

While government has made various promises to develop Addu International Airport, no substantial work has been carried out so far. The last project announced for the Addu International Airport which was to connect Huvadhoo Atoll and Addu City via seaplanes had not materialized until date.

Managing Director of Addu International Airport, Qais Naseer had previously told that the necessary preparations required to begin seaplane operations between Addu and Huvadhoo are underway in full speed and that the flights are scheduled to start in November, 2020. 

The agreement to start seaplane operations between Addu City and Huvadhoo atoll was signed between Maldivian and Addu International Airports Company Limited, on 5th October, 2020.

The agreement signing ceremony, which was held at Gan International Airport, was attended by Tourism Minister of Maldives Dr. Abdullah Mausoom, Economic Minister Ismail Fayyaz, Parliament Members representing Addu and Huvadhoo constituencies, as well as representatives of Addu City Council.