HPA advises to administer first Covid-19 dose before Ramadan

Director of HPA, Ahmed Nasir. | Photo: SunMv

Male’, Maldives —The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has advised the citizens to administer the first dose of the Covishield vaccine before the start of Ramadan.

While speaking at the press conference that was held last night, the Director of HPA, Ahmed Nasir has stated that vaccine can be administered for shorter hours during the month of Ramadan.

As the vaccination can be proceeded for a shorter time period during Ramadan, we advice all citizens to administer the first vaccine dose before Ramadan.

Ahmed Naseer, Director of HPA

Maldives began the nation wide vaccination program on 1st February 2021. Since then, a total of 232,175 people have been vaccinated in Maldives till date out of which 129,069 people are from the greater Male’ area and the remaining 103,106 from the atolls.

While two doses are required to complete the dosage, majority of people who are vaccinated have only received the first dose of Covisheild, with 4-12 weeks required between the two shots. The Health Protection Agency announced that the second dose for the Covisheild is expected to begin shortly on the upcoming month, with Maldives having received 100,000 doses of Covishield earlier today.

The second phase of first dose vaccination is in progress with Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine.