JUST IN: Maldives celebrates 100,000th tourist this month!

Maldives welcoming 100,000th tourist of March, 2021 | Photo: Tourism Ministry

Malé, Maldives –  Maldives has welcomed the 100,000th tourist arrival for March 2021 today at Velana International Airport (VIA).

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Maldives has managed to welcome the country’s 100,000th tourist for this month after the Tourism Ministry’s continuous efforts to raise the drastically affected tourism industry of Maldives.

The Tourism Ministry revealed that the 100,000th tourist to arrive in Maldives is Hana Mohamed Ahmed Kamel Mostafa who traveled to Maldives through an Emirates Flight all the way from Egypt to enjoy the white and sandy beaches of Maldives at the Intercontinental Maldives Maamunugau Resort.

Maldives aims to be a safe haven to the tourists during the pandemic with precautionary measures taken in every tourist establishment and an initiative in progress to vaccinate tourism industry workers.

The top source market to Maldives currently is India contributing to 64,1059 arrivals so far in the year 2021 contributing to 23.8% of the arrival market. In addition to this, India also topped the tourist market for 2020 with a total of 62,960 tourist arrivals recorded from India throughout the year.

While India leads, Russia comes in second with 58,679 arrivals, as countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, France, USA and Switzerland follow on the top ten arrivals list respectively.

The Tourism Ministry of Maldives has noted that the markets have shown impressive recovery results so far in the year 2021 as the Central/Eastern Europe and South Asia region both surpassed pre-covid levels, posting above average growth rates of +102.2% and +74.1% respectively.

Along with this, the Ministry stated that the individual markets within the Central/Eastern European region are also performing with outstanding results as new markets emerge from this region and making it to top 10 market list.