BREAKING: Body of MNDF officer missing at sea found

MNDF Lance Corporal Hussain Firash | Photo: MNDF

Laamu Atoll, Maldives – The body of the missing MNDF officer, who got lost at sea on Tuesday evening has been recovered during the rescue efforts of Coast Guard services.

MNDF named the missing officer to be Lance Corporal Hussain Faarish, who went to the beach area in Kadhhoo island of Laamu Atoll. One officer among the three who accompanied officer Faarish is also reported to be receiving care at the Laamu Regional Hospital after he drowned, while attempting to rescue officer Faarish, who was drifting away and drowning due to the strong current.

Local media outlets have reported that the officer who is at Laamu Regional Hospital is now doing well and is in recovery, although still at the hospital.

With intense bad weather with rough seas and strong winds in the past few days, authorities warn those out at sea to take necessary precautions and to contact Coast Guard services in case of any emergencies.