BREAKING: Maldives to go to international arbitration to recover ventilator money

Newly appointed Spokesperson of the Presidents Office, Mohamed Mabrook Azeez | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – In a press conference today, Spokesperson of President’s Office Mabrook Azeez has said that the government has decided to go to international arbitration to recover the money spent to purchase ventilators that Maldives has not received.

The Ministry of Health has paid MVR 30.91 million to Dubai’s Executors General Trading LLC for the purchase of 75 ventilators last year and received only 15 ventilators.

Spokerperson Mabrook said that various attempts were made by the government to procure the remaining ventilators but were unsuccessful. Executors General Trading LLC had exceeded the deadline to provide the ventilators.

While Dubai’s Executors General Trading LLC was contracted to supply 75 ventilators when the Covid-19 virus started spreading in the Maldives, only 15 ventilators had been supplied by them till date. From the 15 they had sent, 5 had missing parts which has not been accepted by the government.

According to the agreement signed with Executors General Trading LLC, it is very clear what to do next. We have to go to an international arbitration in adherence United Nations Commission on Arbitrational Trade Law.

Spokesperson Mabrook

The arbitration will take place in the Maldives.

Mabrook said that as Maldives is a member of New York Treaty, if the arbitration goes in favour of Maldives, the country will get international support in recovering the money.

The President’s Spokesperson said that the government wants to take action against all involved if any criminal activity has taken place in the case, regardless of whether they are Maldivian or foreign.