No restrictions for domestic travel after second dose of Covid-19 vaccine: Mabrouq

A Vaccine Queue | Photo: Nishaan Ali

Male’, Maldives – Spokesperson of the President’s Office Mabrouq Azeez has stated that no travel related quarantine would be made mandatory in the Maldives for any domestic travel, given that the second dose of the Covid-19 has been administered to the individual traveler.

Speaking at the live virtual media conference held at the President’s Office on Wednesday afternood, Mabrouq said that although domestic travel without the mandatory quarantines after the administration of the second Covid-19 dose, which is to begin on April 3rd, a specific date for this policy to come into effect has not yet been determined and is still in discussion.

I cannot say for sure how long it would take for [restriction free domestic travel] to be implemented after the second dose. Discussions are on going about the matter even this week.

Mabrouq Azeez, Spokesperson, President’s Office, Maldives

He added that guidelines regarding the matter are being formulated across the globe and that the country would work on easing restrictions for international travel as well.

With Maldives having have initiated the national Covid-19 vaccine program on 1st February, 2021, the administration of the second dose has not yet commence, as it requires a time gap of eight weeks between the first and second doses, for maximum immunization effect.

Currently, more than 235,600 individuals have received the Covid-19 vaccine in the Maldives.