TM to hold panel discussion on renewable energy

Panelists to speak at the panel discussion by Transparency Maldives

Malé, Maldives – Transparency Maldives has announced a special panel discussion organized by the organization, on the topic, ‘Waste to Energy – Can it ever be called clean or renewable energy?’, to be held on 31st March.

The discussion will be held via Zoom, from 16:30 to 18:00, with Shaziya Ali from Transparency Maldives as the moderator of the discussion. Shaziya is currently the Grants and Outreach Manager at Transparency Maldives, as well as a strong advocate for the climate finance transparency and inclusive governance.

Other panelists on the program include Ahmed Afrah Ismail who is the co-founder of Zero Waste Maldives as well as a Mechanical Engineer and open data advocate, along side Aisha Niyaz, who is a Sustainability Consultant and advocate for urgent action to address the climate crisis, working in the field with 20 years of hands on experience in the Maldives. Aimon Latheef is also a panelist in the discussion, who brings his experience as a Right to Information activist as well as his background in environmental management and social advocacy to the table.

According to TM, the purpose of this panel discussion is to create awareness on the dark side of the waste to energy projects and to ask the panelists whether energy generated through these incinerators can ever really be considered as clean or renewable energy, considering that millions of dollars from public funds are wasted or mismanaged across the world, trying to run incineration facilities that burns fossil natural gas alongside mixed waste.

Those who are interested in the panel discussion are requested to register via this link.