Travel to islands under monitoring status permitted for voters

President of the Elections Commission (EC), Ahmed Shareef | Photo: Ahmed Awshan

Malé, Maldives – The Elections Commission (EC) has stated that travelling to islands under monitoring for Covid-19 to vote in the upcoming Local Council Elections and the Women’s Development Committees (WDC) is allowed.

EC President Ahmed Shareef stated today that the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has informed that they will permit inter-island travel to vote in the election scheduled for April 10.

Permission will be granted through local island task forces to islands under monitoring for voting purposes.

Ahmed Shareef, President of Elections Commission (EC)

 Elections Commission (EC) has stated today that patients positive for Covid-19 can vote at the local council elections after other voters are done voting.

He has also previously guaranteed that everyone turning 18 by April 10, can vote in the upcoming, EC revealed that they have released updated voters list now. Elections Commission also added that out of the 273,182 eligible voters, 5,134 are those who turned 18 within the year by which the election was postponed.

The Commission’s acting Secretary General Hussain Zakariyya said on a PSM show last week that a request has been sent to the President’s Office to gazette a policy so that individuals in quarantine due to Covid-19 and people positive for the disease do not lose their right to vote.

Elections Commission also revealed that 2,264 candidates will run for council and 1,670 candidates will run for Women’s Development Committees (WDC) in the election which is to be held on April 10, 2021.