MP’s trips to constituencies to be classified as official duty

Parliament session in progress | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives —The General Committee of the Maldives Parliament has decided to classify the trips of Parliament Members to their constituencies an official parliament trip.

While speaking at the parliament meeting that was held today, the Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed stated that the Genera Committee has decided that the trips that MP’s make to their constituencies can be classified to as an an official parliament trip. When travelling the MP must inform the Parliament secretary and get approval as per the committee.

Speaker Nasheed further stated that if the Public Committees decision becomes effective than if an MP wishes to travel to their constituency, they will have to provide the Parliament with a document containing details of the purpose of their trip for approval. If the MP is traveling with approval, then Speaker Nasheed stated they will be noted as on an official trip in the Parliament Committee meeting attendance sheet and that if they wish to attend the parliament meeting, they will be able to do so via online methods.

This is the first time the parliament is presenting a bill which states that the trips that MP’s take to their constituencies will be classified as official trip.

For the upcoming local council elections that is to be held this Saturday, Speaker Nasheed has encouraged the MP’s to travel to the islands for campaign purposes as well.